Evaluation of the Health Care Homes Model in General Practice and Community Pharmacy

The Australian Government Department of Health, 2016 - 2021

This is a multi-year evaluation of the National Health Care Homes (HCH) Program in General practice and Community pharmacy across Australia. This evaluation is aimed at informing the Australian Government Department of Health across all aspects of the Stage one trial including, patient activation, utilisation, health outcomes, hospital avoidance, and economic impact.

In this work, HPA is leading a consortium that includes the Centre for Big Data in Health Research (CBDHR) at the University of NSW, the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) at the University of Technology Sydney, as well as a number of Australian and international experts in primary health care research.

The evaluation is a complex mixed methods approach that will draw on a broad range of primary quantitative and qualitative data and secondary data. The project commenced in December 2016 and will continue through to late 2021.

The project involves:

This is a complex project involving a large project team and a wide range of stakeholders for which HPA is primarily responsible.
As the lead, HPA responsible for the probity, oversight coordination of this project. Moreover, HPA has solicited and coordinated input from a vast array of stakeholders in all aspects of design. These stakeholders include those from HPA’s own network in Australia and overseas, as well as the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

More on the project, including the Evaluation plan and practice resources can be found here.