Non-Admitted Care Costing Study

In late 2018 the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority commissioned Health Policy Analysis to lead another study into public hospital care costing. This time, it was related to non-admitted care.

Currently, non-admitted care in Australia uses a classification system (Tier 2) that that is largely dependent on the clinic type rather than the individual patient characteristics. The Independent Hospital Pricing Authority implemented Tier 2 as one of its first classifications in 2012. Then the structure of the classification was limited by the routine data available across non-admitted setting in Australia. Since then, the data capture capabilities improved significantly in both non-admitted and the Australian health care broadly. This costing study aims to take a deeper look at this data, as well as a number of other variables to identify the cost and complexity of individual patients across Australia.

To do this, HPA developed a comprehensive study design that takes into account the vast care delivery approaches in over 120 different Tier 2 clinic types in Australia. The development was built around Presenting condition and Intervention shortlists developed by the IHPA over the past 3 years.

In addition to complex study design, HPA working with industry partners developed a fully secure, customisable data collection application for iOS, Android, and desktop in less than 12 months.

Following HPA’s success in the Australian Emergency Care Classification and costing studies, 30 hospitals across NSW, Victoria, Qld, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory are preparing to participate in live data collection.

The collection is expected to will capture tens of thousands of patients and hundreds of thousands of clinical inputs interactions and potentially millions of data points.