Clinical coding and activity based funding education

Northern Territory Department of Health, 2013

The NT Department of Health engaged Health Policy Analysis to provide education to RDH clinicians on clinical coding, classification and activity based funding (ABF), with an emphasis on the implications of poor documentation on payments under ABF. Three education sessions were held with three separate divisions of the hospital over a day. Approximately 40 staff attended the sessions. The aims of the sessions were:

The sessions were also run as a trial for NT Health to ascertain the current level of knowledge of the above issues amongst clinicians, and to identify further education needs in this area.

A formal evaluation of the sessions was undertaken. On average, participants rated all aspects of the education as a '4' on a 5-point scale, with 5 being the highest positive rating, and also a '4' on a rating of the relevance of the sessions to their work, also on a 5-point scale, with 5 being the highest positive rating.

A report of the sessions was provided as an additional outcome to NT Health, analysing key themes from the discussions with clinicians about the barriers to comprehensive, timely and high quality documentation, and identification of further education needs.The recommendations from this are being pursued by NT Health.