'Hospital in the Home' costing and funding review

NSW Minstry of Health, 2012

In January 2012, the NSW Ministry of Health engaged Health Policy Analysis to provide a costing and funding plan for 'hospital in the home' services. A key driver for this work is the national implementation of activity based funding (ABF).

A document and literature review was undertaken (which examined costing and funding approaches for 'hospital in the home' services across Australia and internationally), available activity and cost data were analysed, 10 'hospital in the home' services were visited, and costing coordinators from all health services were interviewed.

Results of the analysis and draft recommendations were workshopped with the NSW 'Hospital in the Home' Program Working Group and then with a larger group involving around 80 stakeholders. This plan was initially to be a costing and funding plan for 'hospital in the home' services however, following a situation analysis of these services, it was expanded to include recommendations on the scope of 'hospital in the home', on minimum requirements for services to be formally recognised as 'hospital in the home', and on what would constitute an admission to these services.

The final report included recommendations on these issues, a data collection plan as well as the costing and funding plan. Another document was also prepared targeting LHDs, outlining their roles and responsibilities in relation to scope, data collection and costing of 'hospital in the home' services to enable fair and equitable funding. The project was completed in 6 weeks.