Core, hospital based outcome indicators (CHBOI) specifications

Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2012-2014

In 2009, Australian Health Ministers endorsed the recommendation by the ACSQHC for core sets of indicators of safety and quality, one set of which was hospital-level outcome indicators for supportive feedback and routine review at jurisdictional and facility level.

The initial set of core, hospital based outcome indicators (CHBOI) focusses on mortality, admissions, readmissions and healthcare associated infections. There are six high level indicators, two of which are comprised of condition-specific subsets. The ACSQHC engaged Health Policy Analysis to develop the specifications for these indicators, and prepare technical notes and SAS code to assist jurisdictions in the local extraction of data to derive and monitor these indicators. The initial specifications were reviewed by the Commission’s Core Indicator Working Party (CIWP).

The technical notes and SAS code were then developed, and tested by two jurisdictions and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare before being issued to all jurisdictions and other members of the CIWP as the initial release for implementation.

Since 2012, the Commission has repeatedly engaged Health Policy Analysis to undertake projects relating to CHBOI, these include the following: