Systematic review of the impact of public disclosure of health performance data

Sax Institute, 2011

Health Policy Analysis was engaged by NSW Treasury through the Sax Institute to provide an evidence-based summary of the effects of public disclosure of performance information on hospital effectiveness, efficiency and patient outcomes.

The summary was completed through an extensive literature review that built on several previous reviews in the literature. A four step process was used to produce the review: (a) a re-examination of the literature from prior reviews with a view to identifying both efficiency and effectiveness impacts of public release; (b) abstraction and extraction of additional information about the nature of public disclosure systems studies; (c) extension of the literature search to more recent literature published since the last review was completed; and (d) analysis of results in terms of underlying public disclosure systems as well as findings from individual published studies.

From this process a framework was developed to analyse the characteristics and results of individual studies of public disclosure systems. The framework distinguished four characteristics, the intervention used, the agents responding to the performance data, the mechanisms through which change occurred and any impacts of the disclosure.

The results from the studies were synthesized into the final report which can be downloaded from the Sax Institute's website here.