Options on data management

Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care, 2011

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (the Commission) engaged Health Policy Analysis Pty Ltd to prepare an options paper to present and analyse the benefits, risks, implications, barriers and resource requirements for central, outsourced, disseminated and other approaches to management of safety and quality information.

The project involved undertaking an environmental scan, stakeholder consultation, development and analysis of options, drafting of an options paper, validation of conclusions in the options paper and the preparation of a final options paper.

Through the project Health Policy Analysis was able to articulate how the infrastructure and capabilities for data management and reporting by the Commission related to the nature of the Commission’s broader role in safety and quality. Possible roles for the Commission were identified ranging from ‘policy maker’ to ‘regulator’. Between the two extreme roles as ‘policy maker’ and ‘regulator’ there are gradations which all have a progressive impact on the extent of infrastructure around data management and analysis and reporting and skills required by the Commission, and opportunities to work with other groups or agencies.

The Commission has used the options described in this paper to consider the options for its future.