Implementation plan for collection of ambulatory care data

NSW Health, 2007

TNSW Health engaged Health Policy Analysis to develop an implementation plan for collection of patient level ambulatory care information across NSW public health services. The objective of the Community Health and Outpatient Care Information Project (CHOCIP) is to achieve a standardised patient-level routine data collection in public sector ambulatory services in NSW.

The implementation plan identified 11 sub-projects which have each contributed to the specification of the minimum dataset, the implementation of mechanisms for data collection and management, and processes required for managing data quality and reporting. For each sub-project, outcomes required were identified, processes for their achievement described and timeframes specified.

The implementation plan was adopted, and guided the work of the CHOCIP project and it descendant Primary Community and Outpatient Care Information Program (PCOCIP), leading ultimately to the agreement by the NSW Government to a significant investment ($130 million) in the information infrastructure require to support the information requirements for community and outpatient care.