Implementation strategy and evaluation plan for the renal supportive care model

Agency for Clinical Innovation, 2014

Health Policy Analysis was engaged by the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) to develop a plan to guide the implementation of Renal Supportive Care (RSC) services across NSW, following the announcement of funding for the service in the NSW State Budget in 2014, and to provide a framework via which accountability and effectiveness of services will be measured. RSC aims to address the gaps in care for patients with chronic kidney disease who chose not to dialyse, and those receiving dialysis but experiencing persistent symptoms and with severe comorbidities. It integrates palliative care into the renal service to help patients to live as well as possible with chronic kidney disease.

Health Policy Analysis worked with the Renal Supportive Care Working Group established by the ACI to develop the plan and the accountability and evaluation framework. In addition to the plan, Health Policy Analysis reworked the cost estimates for implementation of the services across the state, and also for the establishment of hubs to provide training, mentoring and research for the program.

The plan is currently being implemented across NSW.