Formative evaluation of the Minimum Standards for the Management of Hip Fracture in the Older Person

Agency for Clinical Innovation, 2014-15

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) engaged Health Policy Analysis to conduct a formative evaluation of the Minimum standards for the management of hip fracture in the older person (the Minimum standards).

The Minimum standards were developed in early 2013. The ACI had identified significant benefits, to both consumers and the health care system, of specific evidenced-based minimum requirements for hip fracture management in the elderly. These benefits included improved morbidity and mortality rates, better functional outcomes, increased rates of discharge to original place of residence, and increased value from health dollars spent.

The Minimum standards are being implemented in a phased approach across NSW public hospitals.

Health Policy Analysis developed and reported on the formative evaluation of the Minimum standards, and their implementation in six study sites in NSW. The objectives of the evaluation were to:

Health Policy Analysis developed a program logic and evaluation framework, and data collection instruments, as the basis for the formative evaluation. The evaluation was then undertaken of the ‘program’ as whole (which includes the evidence base and support for the Minimum standards, governance of the Minimum Standards, and associated tools and guidelines), and of the implementation of the Minimum standards at six selected sites within NSW. Three of these were ones where the implementation is further along the track, and three were in their earlier stages.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation has published the report here.