Project objectives

Service Related Groups (SRGs) and Enhanced Service Related Groups (ESRGs) have been used in NSW since the early 1990s and were adopted nationally stating from the late 1990s. SRGs reflect clinical specialties, while ESRGs provide more detail of major conditions and procedures within the specialty groups. These classifications provide the NSW health system with robust tools for planning, funding and other strategic initiatives. Members of HPA were part of the team that initially developed these classifications whilst working for the NSW Department of Health.

HPA has been engaged on several occasions to update SRGs and ESRGs to reflect changes in clinical practice and patterns of morbidity amongst the population.

NSW Ministry of Health

Our approach

HPA analysed NSW hospital activity data and changes in the ICD-10-AM and AR-DRG classifications. A workshop was held with health service planners and other stakeholders to present preliminary results and receive feedback. Issues raised were then investigated further to finalise the classifications.


The classifications are used for health services planning (for example, for projections of hospital activity for capital developments) and for benchmarking activity within NSW and by other states.

Our vision

HPA aims to be a leading firm in specialist consulting services in the health care sector, offering qualitative and quantitative analysis and synthesis of evidence, providing expertise in statistics and data science, and contributing to well founded and practical policy advice. We aim to deliver the highest quality of services, helping our clients to achieve their objectives, while transferring our expertise and building their capabilities.

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