Project objectives

The NSW Ministry of Health – Strategic Analysis and Investment Unit, Strategic Reform and Planning Branch – uses a Preliminary Cost Benefit Analysis (PCBA) tool to assist in decision-making in regard to new capital expenditure.

This project was commissioned to update the disability weights derived from the AIHW National Burden of Disease and improve the methodology that underpins the mapping of the weights to diseases/ injury groupings. The AIHW National Burden of Disease develops disability weighting for disease areas from the Global burden of disease study through applying to population groupings in the Australian context.

NSW Health

Our approach

HPA mapped the new disability weights to Service Related Groups (SRGs) and then weighted the overall burden based on NSW activity data to provide a far more accurate estimate of disease burden, and its impact on health and hospital activity in NSW.


The updated PCBA tool provides a more accurate impact estimate as a first step cost benefit threshold test, as part of the NSW Health capital prioritisation process.

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